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 We are Little gems International School. Our main focus is on guiding children through their early education in an all English environment. 

   The school is located outside of Myoden station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line,approximately 1 minute walk. So, it is possible to come here from not only Ichikawa City and Urayasu City, but also Motoyawata,Funabashi,Myoden,Gyotoku,Minami-Gyotoku,Urayasu,Shin-Urayasu,Ichikawa, Kasai,Nishikasai,Tokyo, and so on.

   We have after-hours child care, so you can use this school instead of a nursery.


Seven features of Little gems

The Enforcement of All English

Full of Fun and Exciting

The Event About World Culture

Small Class Composition According  to Ability

Extension Day Care

Good Location

The Enhancement of After school


teachers and staffs



5day of the week 9:00-14:00(8:00-19:00 with daycare)  age :2-6 years old

1-4 day of the week 9:00-12:00 or 14:00  age :2-3 years old

15:00-18:00 on weekday   age :3-12 years old

10:00-13:00 or 14:00-16:10 on Saturday age:3-12 years old

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Tel:047-321-6151(Weekday: 9:00~18:00)



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