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 We are Little gems International School. Our main focus is on guiding children through their early education in an all English environment.

  Our children speak only English, during the lessons, and recess time as Japanese(or any other language) is prohibited. Actually most of the children's native language isn't English, so they begin to learn English in our school.There are also many children who came back to Japan after going to an international school in foreign countries and have foreign parents.


 Popular English expression-kids are regarded as our Little gems. Also, "Gem(s)" of school name includes the meaning the jewel.We want to give you the opportunities to continue growing through a variety of experience, as polishing a gemstone of jewelry.

 Little gems is not only a place to teach English. The words of gems also include the meaning of "Geography"、”English" 、”Math" and "Science". Our school focuses on these main subjects(+P.E. and park time) in English. We don't want children to grow up with a solery work study orientated focus. We believe children should be full of curiosity and able to pursue the things that they are interested in.


 Actually, we are facing children in school everyday, children's absorptive power and growth potential cannot be compared with adult's. An international school has a strong image of freewheeling.

  However, in Little gems, we aim to provide " English skills" , "manners of Japanese society" , and "living powers" . We respect the individuality of each person because there are little capacity.


  In addition, it is very important for us that children enjoy to spend their time in Little gems. We would like our members to adsorb a lot of experience through English in a fun and enjoyable manner. Native teachers who belong to our school do not focus only on the English language, but also caring for the children, and are full of charm and skill to attract children's interest. As a result, children, who learn English for the first time, can happily become skilled in the English language.

  If you are interested in our school, please try to come and experience our school lesson!



School manager Yuta Hashimoto

Seven features of Little gems

1.The Enforcement of All English


  In Little gems, all teachers, staff, and kids always speak English not only at lesson time but also break time, lunch time or conversation with friends. Even if you practice to listen, or get a lots of words, you cannot acquire English if you don't use them.We think that it is the biggest point of bilingual education to "make the environment that you are in the foreign countries where you definitely have to use English."This rule looks like so hard for even adults. However, kids get used to this environment in a minute, and start to communicate with a few words or gesture. When teacher answer their words, kids can get successful experience that "what I wanted to say got across!" and the valuable experience that "I should say in this way!"


2.Full of Fun and Exciting!


  The educational program of the Little gems includes not only learning English but also many subjects, "Math" "Geography" "Science" "Show and Tell" and activities"Art and Craft" "P.E." "Music" etc. We often receive the question "Can kids understand?" but kids absolutely called Golden age and adult's are not equal. We think it is important that kids are interested in  and want to do. We are aiming to keep being the exciting place with the programs made by native teachers and Japanese staffs.

3.The Event About World Culture 


 In Little gems, we hold a lots of world events. Off course, we hold Japanese events too. We want kids to be interested in world by coming in to contact with various countries culture or points of view. In addition, we choose one country and learn about languages, food s, or sports of country every month in Geography lesson. The other theme of event is to "challenge something new without being shy". For example, In Halloween event, we hold "Fashion show" , then kids show everyone their costumes. We think that we want kids to form habits to challenge without fearing failure.

4.Small class Composition According to Ability


 Classification of Little gems isn't according to the grade. Their background and earliness of the growth are various even if the child is the same grade. Therefore the capacity of the class is 15 kids and each class has a native teacher and a Japanese bilingual staff. The classification is according to their ability, but the classification is being also changed by the contents of a lesson. For example, if a kid is still not great with English, but is confident of physical strength, he can take the upper P.E. class. If a kid is good at English, but she can not use scissors, she take the lower craft class.

5.Extension Day Care


 We accept extended day care from 8:00 to 19:00 in order to come Little gems surely at double-income home.(temporary custody and monthly settlement) Japanese staff take care of kids in Japanese after 14 o'clock.

6.Good Location


 Little gems is at 1 minute on foot from Myoden station of Tozai line. A road in front of school is a one-way traffic, so it's also possible that a car stops temporary there when you pick up and drop off the children. There is also the bicycle parking space in front of school. We have no shuttle bus, but you become able to come school by walking, a bicycle, a car, and a train. Many kids come Little gems from not only Myoden or Gyotoku, but also Urayasu, Motoyawata, Funabashi, Ichikawa, Nishi-Funabashi, Shimoosa-Nakayama or Baraki-Nakayama.

7.The Enhancement of After school


 We has started the advanced class for the persons made a graduated Little gems or other international school in our after school lesson. Because this class answers to the child's problem that became short with the English society after they spend in infancy with English environment, we are arranging lessons to maintain and improve their English ability accurately after kids graduate international school. In addition, we hold various events, for example, Summer School/Spring School, English speech contest, or JET(group taking an examination of an Junior English Test)etc.



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Age:2-6 years old

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